November 2022 Prayer Intentions

· Prayer Intentions

Please leave your prayer requests in the comments below and I will add them to the main list here. There might be a delay in praying for your intentions at the Rosary, please be patient.

  • For courage and consolation for all who face various forms of cancer, especially for Lisa, Sue, Donna, Thom, Jim, Wayne, Eric, Naomi, Teresa, Cathie, Lorraine and Tammie
  • For parishioners and priests at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Church of Our Lady and St. Joseph Parishes that we all may grow in love with Jesus Christ and His Church​
  • For the health of Peter, Fr. Lorne, Fr. Pham, Terry, Cam, Becky, John B, Gary, Lucian, Fr. Paul, Wally, Claria, Helen, Mike, John A,Todd, Chad, Dayna, Myra, Claire Rose, Bette, Dale, Donald, Joanna, Siegfried and Vibhor
  • In thanksgiving for a healthy baby girl
  • For Madison who is battling addiction and her two small kids - Taylynn and Kolt.
  • For the people of Ukraine, may God grant them peace, fortitude and protection
  • Special intentions for Dora, Sherry, Jenn and Dave
  • Pray for justice in an upcoming family court case and the restoration of the family












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