Cheaper Than Therapy: What we can learn from the Monastic Tradition?

(Part 2)

Episode 35

· Cheaper

 In today’spodcast, we talk about what we can learn from the monastic tradition part two. Lamont talks about how the monastic tradition can teach us that there is value in doing things that we are not good at. Katherine added that the monastic tradition can teach us to properly love the world. Also, we are calling all people to leave comments to persuade Katherine to take over the next Cheaper Than Therapy. Enjoy!!!    

Katherine’s Books: 

Providence Blue, David Pinault 

The Five Wounds, Kirstin Valdez Quade  

Lamont’s Books: 

How to Destroy Western Civilization, Peter J. Kreeft 

A Bloody Habit, Eleanor Bourg Nicholson 

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